Cynthia Lynn Brown

Cynthia Lynn Brown

I am a graduate of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute (DKATI) and Professional member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA). I also hold a B.Ed. (U of C) in Early Childhood/Elementary education, a certificate in Therapeutic Body Mapping and Touch Drawing. I have lived and taught internationally and bring a diverse cultural perspective. I have a background in arts and nature based education and 35 years’ experience as a teacher/facilitator of children and adults.

I work with individuals and groups, embracing a person-centred approach, focusing on strengths and building relationships.  I am passionate about developing creativity and fostering creative ability, building a sense of self as creator and an attitude to life as a creative experience.  I prefer to work in Circle with ritual, creating safety and intimacy. I am a mobile Art Therapist, in the Cochrane / Calgary area, travelling to meet with you or your group.

I live in Cochrane, AB with my husband. I enjoy nature, creative expressive arts and travel.

“We long to ensoul our lives, which is to say, we yearn to rediscover our internal images. Art has to do with the intent to express some essential aspect of human existence. Art processes offer a new viewpoint, an imaginative portrait of the artist and the world. Art making offers meaning-filled experiences.” - Moon 

The presence and integrity of the art therapist holds the capacity to facilitate the art and the soul-making process. Therapy is a form of enhancing our inner lives and the depth of our humanity.

Art as language. “Drawings, paintings, sculptures, symphonies, poems, dances and dramas are more than ideas. They are snapshots of life, pieces of reality comprised of feelings, experiences and ideas.” – Moon