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Ongoing and one time workshops available at your location.


Experience the art making process with a professional art therapist. Offering creative engagement and inviting an opportunity to relax in a safe, supportive and compassionate environment. Art making provides a space to explore, express and honour life’s issues and gifts. The creative process offers a gift and communication to oneself and to society. This process opens the possibility for insight and understanding.

Art of Aging – Transforming the Narrative of Life, Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom. A creative exploration grounded in Angeles Arrien’s “The Second Half of Life.”

Art of Aging Practice – A monthly workshop focusing on the practice of Becoming.

Mandala Making Series – personal exploration in response to CG Jung’s Red Book.

Your Body’s Voice – the art of moving presence AND art and narrative method of self-care.


“We long to ensoul our lives, which is to say, we yearn to rediscover our internal images. Art has to do with the intent to express some essential aspect of human existence. Art processes offer a new viewpoint, an imaginative portrait of the artist and the world. Art making offers meaning-filled experiences.” - Moon 

The presence and integrity of the art therapist holds the capacity to facilitate the art and the soul-making process. Therapy is a form of enhancing our inner lives and the depth of our humanity.

Art as language. “Drawings, paintings, sculptures, symphonies, poems, dances and dramas are more than ideas. They are snapshots of life, pieces of reality comprised of feelings, experiences and ideas.” – Moon